Endorsements: 201

Estimated combined total assets under management (AUM): $180 billion


Charitable trusts and foundations (17)
Organisation Level of commitment
Australian Communities Foundation Full
Besen Family Foundation Full
Community Impact Foundation Full
Earth Welfare Foundation Full
English Family Foundation Full
Graeme Wood Foundation Full
Lenko Family Foundation Fossil Free
Madden Sainsbury Foundation Full
Madirriny Foundation Full
McKinnon Family Fund Full
Mullum Trust Full
Pace Foundation Full
Ross Knowles Foundation Full
Starfish Foundation Full
The Hunt Foundation Full
Water Dragon Foundation Full
Werzalit Gruppe Full
Superannuation funds (111)
Organisation Level of commitment
Future Super Fossil free
Australian Ethical Super Fossil Free
Local Government Super Coal only
Anglican National Super Partial
AustralianSuper - Socially Aware Fund Partial
First State Super Partial
HESTA Super Fund Coal Only
UniSuper Partial
Abracadabra Retirement Fund Full
Australian Vision Super Fund Full
Barnett Super Wealthy Fund Full
Barry Family Super Fund Full
Bondage Super Full
Booth Super Fund Full
Brinstones Super Full
Cecily Dignan Superannuation Fund Full
Darwin Superannuation Fund Full
Davara Super Fund Full
Decco Superannuation Fund Full
Ditton's Super Fund Full
Dobra Super Fund Full
Flame Tree Super Fund Fossil free
Good Vibrations Super Full
H Green Superannuation Fund Full
Jalana Super Fund Full
Jennie Di Blasi Super Fund Full
Just Money Super Fund Full
Kerr Ratcliffe Super Full
Kuhn's Gold Super Full
M & N West Pension Fund Full
Malbird Super Fund Full
Maree Kordonsky Super Full
McKinnon Super Fund Full
Millamac Super Fund Full
Moomintroll Super Fund Full
Neranie Super Fund Fossil free
Nevada Super Fund Full
ROS Super Fund Full
Rusbourne Private Superannuation Fund Full
ScouseMouse Super Fund Full
Silvergum Grove Super Fund Full
SUJAY Superannuation Fund Full
Susie Edwards Super Fund Fossil free
Taikura Super Fund Full
The Tin Dog Super Full
Tweeps Super Fund Full
Unfolding Futures Pty Ltd Superannuation Fund Full
Wahcumba Super Fund Full
Wombat Super Full
Janet Mayer Super Fund Full
Berygan Pty Ltd   Full
Freya Hadley Super Fund Full
Alleycat Super Fund Full
Amanda's Super Fund Full
Anderson Peters Super Fund Full
Arian Super Fund No 2 Full
Armstrong Family Superannuation Fund Full
B & G Superannuation Fund Full
Banks Slipper Super Fund Full
Black Betty Super Fund Full
Bonakini Super Fund Full
Bonnie Mulholland Super Fund Full
Bradbury Superannuation Fund Full
Caroline Lurie Super Fund Full
Christine Guinand Super Fund Full
Claudia Graham Superannuation Fund Full
Dan Mathews Superannuation Fund Full
Douglas Superannuation Fund Full
Earth Super Fund Full
Eileen and Terry Lustig Family Superannuation Fund Full
El Jayar Enterprises Pty Ltd Employees Provident Fund Full
Etherington Family Super Fund Full
Flou Flou Super Fund Full
Gibson and McGregor Super Fund Full
Glow Worm Super Fund Full
Goolengook Super Fund Full
Gro Superannuation Fund Full
Gross and Watts Super Fund Full
Halcyon Super Fund Full
Hanley Merchant Super Fund Full
Hardys Bay Super Fund Full
Haydon Family Super Fund Full
HG Burkitt Superannuation Fund Full
Howqua River Super Fund Full
Hromas Super Fund Full
Jacobs Robinson Super Fund Full
Jay'n'ess Super Fund Full
Kadungle Superannuation Fund Full
Kaldor Family Super Fund Full
Kollantai Super Fund Full
Koorool Super Fund Full
Make It So Superannuation Fund Full
Margaret Jennings Super Fund Full
McCrea Family Super Fund Full
Mundi Farm Super Fund Full
Nardoo Super Fund Full
Oros Superannuation Fund Full
Pegranka Superannuation Fund Full
Perpetual Ocean Super Fund Full
Ross Knowles Super Fund Full
Sarah Stegley Super Fund Full
Sarieka Superannuation Fund Full
Shevek Superannuation Fund Full
Sunshine Superannuation Fund Full
Super Three Super Fund Full
Susan Edwards Super Fund Full
The H&S Kilgour Superannuation Fund Full
The Janet Goss Superfund Full
Trudili Super Fund Full
Two Dogs Superannuation Fund Full
Twopeas Superannuation Fund Full
Utopia Superannuation Fund Full
Wattle Blossum Super Fund Full
Faith-based organisations (21)
Organisation Level of commitment
Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn Full
Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Full
Anglican Diocese of Perth Full
Australian Jesuit Province Full
Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) Full
Council of Progressive Rabbis of Australia, Asia, and New Zealand Full
Earthsong Full
Marist Sisters Australia Full
Melbourne Unitarian Church Full
Presentation Sisters, Queensland Full
Presentation Sisters, Wagga Wagga Full
Presentation Society of Australia and Papua New Guinea Full
Provincial of The Passionists – Holy Spirit Province Australia, NZ, PNG Full
Quakers Religious Society of Friends Full
Religious Society of Friends in Australia Partial
Society of Friends, Canberra Regional Meeting Full
Sydney Buddhist Centre Full
Synod of Victoria and Tasmania Partial
Unitarian Church of South Australia Full
Uniting Church of Australia Assembly Full
Uniting Church, New South Wales & ACT, Australia Full
Investment Managers (5)
Organisation Level of commitment
AMP Capital Responsible Investment Coal and Tar Sands Only
Australian Ethical Full
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited Full
HCF Full
Hunter Hall Investment Management Full
Educational institutions (6)
Organisation Level of commitment
La Trobe University Full
Queensland University of Technology Full
Monash University Partial
Swinburne University  
Australian National University Partial
University of Sydney Partial
Non-governmental organisations (6)
Organisation Level of commitment Australia Fossil Free
The Australia Institute Full
Australian Guild of Screen Composers Full
Climate Action Network Australia Full
Doctors for the Environment Australia Full
Western Australian Local Government Association Full
Cultural institutions (2)
Organisation Level of commitment
Australian Academy of Science Full
Government (30)
Organisation Level of commitment
Australian Capital Territory Full
Ballina Shire Council Full
Banyule City Council Full
Bass Coast Shire Full
Byron Shire Council Full
City of Albury Full
City of Armadale Full
City of Ballarat Full
City of Fremantle Full
City of Leichhardt Full
City of Lismore Full
City of Marrickville Full
City of Melbourne Full
City of Melville Full
City of Moreland Full
City of Newcastle Full
City of Stirling Full
City of Swan Full
City of Sydney Full
City of Vincent Full
City of Wodonga Full
Gloucester Shire Council Full
Macedon Ranges Shire Council Full
Mount Alexander Shire Council Full
Randwick City Council Full
Richmond Valley Council Full
Shire of Goomalling, Western Australia Full
Town of Bassendean Full
Town of East Fremantle Full
Wollongong City Full
Healthcare institutions (3)
Organisation Level of commitment
Medibank Full
Royal Australasian College of Physicians Full
Australian Medical Students Association Full 
Unions (1)
Organisation Level of commitment
National Tertiary Education Union Full